Oct 3

Milstein Center Grand Opening

at Milstein Center for Teaching and Learning



On October 3, the Milstein Center for Teaching and Learning will have its Grand Opening.


You may be wondering, how is it a Grand Opening if I've already been in the Milstein Center, drank the coffee, and locked myself in the stairwell several times? 

Well, the Grand Opening of the Milstein Center will provide an opportunity for current and future BLAIS visitors to explore and interact with our dynamic spaces and collections, and to meet the staff who activate them! Visitors will be greeted by our long-anticipated library-curated exhibition, Open Doors, featuring Barnard alums who were groundbreakers in their fields and communities.

While the BLAIS Departments may be familiar, now is your chance to get even cozier with them and learn how they've evolved with the new year.

BLAIS will have stations for Operations, Collections, Personal Librarians, Archives, Zines, and AV & IMATS. There will be a lot of library swag, including tea, postcards, and the debut of the 2018-2019 Library Calendar. 

Don't miss it!