We can't believe our good fortune, managing to hire Fatima Koli BC '17 as our Empirical Reasoning Center (ERC) Lab Coordinator and Anna Carlson BC '18 as the ERC/Computational Science Center (CSC) Post-Bac Fellow. They both worked in the ERC as undergrads and Fatima as a grad student. Now we get both of them full-time!

Fatima Koli (BC '17) is the Lab Coordinator for the Empirical Reasoning Center. She worked as a Graduate Fellow at the Center last year and as an Undergraduate fellow before that. She studied Computer Science and Urban/Economic Development during her time at Barnard and is currently getting her Masters in Data Science at Columbia. Her study interests lie in racial justice, particularly through the lens of the criminal justice system. She is passionate about thinking critically with data and maps and the ethics of data analysis. She loves teaching and is excited to continue developing the ERC and working with more professors and students!
Anna Carlson (BC '18) is the Post-Bac Fellow in the Empirical Reasoning Center and Computational Science Center. At Barnard, Anna majored in Applied Mathematics and spent most of her time visualizing all kinds of quantitative and spatial data. She also worked as an undergraduate fellow in the ERC helping students use data to improve, interrogate, and learn from their work. She's excited to be back in the ERC and to be a part of the making of the CSC!