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The Vagelos Computational Science Center (CSC) is Barnard's new home for powerful, interdisciplinary data exploration. Keep up-to-date with us by signing up for our newsletter.

Interested in collaborating with us? Reach out to Marko Krkeljas at mkrkelja@barnard.edu.

person interacting with visualization wall
Student at mocktail hour, next to blackboard drawing of Ada Lovelace

We host both educational and social events, open to the entire Barnard community. Our workshops allow folks from all fields to learn new methods of working with data, from interactive visualizations to machine learning. And our social events help create a sense of community for students, staff and faculty interested in computational science.

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CSC computer classroom

Located on the fifth floor of the Milstein Center for Teaching and Learning, the CSC is home to a computer classroom, a Math/CS collaboration room, and a student lounge. In addition to 24 state-of-the-art computer workstations, the classroom has a 3x2 CyberTouch Viz Wall to promote interactive learning.

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