Who We Are


Tim Halpin-Healy

IInterim Faculty Director, Professor of Physics

Two years ago, Barnard graduated 9 Computer Science majors, but next spring there will be 36 BC CS women crossing the stage at Radio City Music Hall to receive their degrees. This explosive growth of interest in computational thinking, numerical methods & Big Data will be met, serendipitously, by the opening of the Vagelos CSC, the development of a new CS Program here at the College, and the hiring of an endowed CS Chair. My responsibilities have been centered on shepherding this process till the much-awaited arrival of our new CS Chair this coming academic year.

By training, I am a card-carrying statistical physicist, and my scientific research concerns the dynamics of complexity, where the competing effects of order and disorder delicately balance, producing some of Nature’s most beautiful pattern formation phenomena. The technical tools of my inherently multidisciplinary trade draw upon probability, statistics, & combinatorics, as well as numerical methods such as Monte Carlo simulation. For more information, please see my faculty profile.

Email: thalpinh@barnard.edu


Marko Krkeljas

Academic Technologist & Software Developer

Marko is a software developer and academic technologist specializing in data systems, machine learning, and full-stack application development. At the CSC, Marko hopes to collaborate with faculty and students on a wide range of projects, from number crunching and data science to creative data visualizations and hackathons.

He is currently working toward my MLA, hoping to combine his passion for technology and the liberal arts. Reach out to for programming questions, or if you need any help with a tech project – or just to say hi!

Email: mkrkelja@barnard.edu


Anna Carlson

Post-Baccalaureate Fellow, CSC and ERC

Anna Carlson is the post-baccalaureate fellow in the Computational Science Center. She will be available to students as a resource for projects involving data collection, cleaning, visualization, and analysis.

She graduated from Barnard in May with a degree in Applied Mathematics. As an undergraduate, she worked as a student fellow in the Empirical Reasoning Center helping students with projects in Excel, R, GIS, and Stata.

Anna will also be working as a post-bac fellow in the ERC, so stop by the CSC to learn how both centers can support your computational projects! She can be reached at acarlson@barnard.edu.