BEARS Program

Barnard BEARS (Better, Enhance, and Advance Research Series) is an exciting program that aims to show Barnard students what a career in Computer Science research looks like. Participants will hear from faculty about their experiences in Computer Science research and join a pod of students with shared research interests, led by a PhD or postdoc mentor.

The program is open to Barnard students interested in Computer Science research and excited to join a tight-knit community of like-minded peers. Participants are expected to attend monthly faculty round tables and pod meetings. During faculty round tables, students will have an opportunity to hear from faculty about their research and experiences in Computer Science and to ask questions. Pod meetings will be a more informal opportunity for students to connect with peers and graduate mentors to share interests, ask questions, and form a sense of community.  Themes might include: getting involved in research, undergraduate research experiences, finding a research group or project, collaboration, overcoming imposter syndrome, exclusion and inclusion in academia, exploring areas of Computer Science research.

Faculty round tables will be held from 6-7pm on the first or second Wednesday of every month. Mentors will coordinate with their groups to schedule pod meetings.

The program is open to current Barnard students. If you're interested, please fill out the application form here. More information can be found in the information flyer here.

Columbia graduate students in CS or related fields who are interested in serving as mentors can find the mentor application and more information here.

Important dates:

  • Student and Mentor applications are now open and rolling
  • Program and faculty round tables will begin at the start of the Spring 2022 semester

Questions? Email us at