The MT27 Special Issue of the IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity has accepted a paper co-authored by CSC postbacc fellow Zoë Webb-Mack for publication.  The paper is titled, "Analysis of Defect Irrelevancy in a Non-Insulated REBCO Pancake Coil Using an Electric Network Model" and was co-authored by Dr. Qing Ji and Dr. Xiaorong Wang at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  The paper, which Zoë presented as a poster at the 27th International Conference on Magnet Technology in November, describes insights into the electrical and thermal behavior of a superconducting system provided by a circuit model that Zoë and collaborators wrote. 

During her postbacc fellowship, Zoë has also continued work on a quantum computing project with collaborators at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  A pre-print version of the paper is available on arXiv, an open-access archive for articles in physics and other STEM fields.